Sunday, November 25, 2012

RUTZ Song: "I Hope we're still here"

I Hope we're still here 


The ground keeps mountain

and we will be forgotten

Time will tell

If we led us to hell

The terrible spills

and innocent killed

If we didn't make it

Don't think we're all tainted


I hope we're still here

We used to watch TV

To escape reality

We love to say sorry

And repeat the same story

The brave tried to face it

and got dragged through the pavement


I hope we're still here 


  1. Wow this is deep. "I Hope we're still here" Music, Image, Poetic, Great Work Rutz

  2. Time will tell if we led us to hell. Wow.

  3. Well done and said Rutz...
    I hope i'm still here alittle longer and we are in Hell already.
    Ask to yourself,why are all these things happening around the world?
    Keep it up Rutz
    Much Luv to all