Sunday, December 30, 2012

RUTZ Song: "2024"

It's been awhile, had to stop for a minute and get many things together. Thanks to you I am very excited about next year! I want to thank so many people (and I will personally) who have been so supportive of my work this year. It has kept me going in the right track and getting to know you very cool people has been the most pleasant surprise in my life in a long time. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my work a chance and for taking time out of your day to share my music. I want to end the year looking forward, so my new song "2024" is kind of perfect for the moment. I hope we all march forward this year with no fear and with grand hopes to change the things that are holding us back from our true potential. I just want to say that what ever your dreams are, go hardcore this year, go all out. Don't pay attention to the news and the fear games. Don't believe it can not be done because of the ECONOMY. Just work smart to make sure you are living the life you WANT to live.

2024 by RUTZ



Verse 1
I saw you cry 

For a pack of lies

No matter why

You keep it inside

I have to hide 

Until you let it die

But you think it is real

It's not REAL 

We're just HERE

Come on fight the fear

It's not real, we're just here 

Oh, I hope you're prepared 

Cuz they don't care 

They're not HERE

Verse 2  

Don't waste your time

Don't lose your mind

Keep your head up

Don't let them catch up

It's up to you

Don't be their fool