Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rutz Poem: "New State"

New State

Turning around to see the ground

And The terrific forgotten shadow

That changes before my very eyes

New change

Never what you expect

A trail of constant disappointment

Had lead you into ruin

Ideals set aside

Desires distorted, devalued

Standing among your peers

In a dreadful state

Of keeping pace


I got to show you how amazing I am, me, me, me, me, yes im special smile

The parade I let float by

A plague of disastrous purchasing patterns

 Left Strangers stranded in penniless positions

The new victims

Low, low, low and left

To speak angry tales of betrayal

No longer able to believe

A story sold to them their whole lives

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

RUTZ Poem: "Stay Warm"

(To lost heroes in the wind)

They say the places you strive to be aren't going anywhere

But you're disappearing every second

Coming down the hill to realize we are not mountains

Now with the fear of knowing that even they can be eroded

The tough decision of choosing between instant relief

Or the beautiful someday success

The unseen version of yourself that you glimpse in daydreams

We all know it is easy to lose focus

To get lost in your own trail

Every time you rediscovered yourself

You asked yourself

 Is this what I wanted?

Only to feel the cold truth that we are far from home

And far from being done

Do not melt under the sun

Instead be bright

And learn to shine In the sun's brilliance

The heat will NEVER go away

Stay Warm