Saturday, August 31, 2013

RUTZ Poem: "The Act of Being Good"

                       God, Family, Love for one another....Do not forget what's important

The Act of Being Good

Thoughts of kindness that lead us to a desert storm

With the view of a calm ocean in mind

We walk forth to a bottomless pit

In our time the lesson was to turn the other cheek

How do you open your heart and foolishly not expect to be invaded

Sometimes conquered

Where does our good nature go

When we experience betrayal, misfortune

What stops you from the point of no return 

Of an always present alternate reality 

Eyes, Emphathy

The idea that this version of you is the correct one

Limited thoughts in a hurricane of madness and mistrust

Biting your tongue, repressing anger, casually building stress

To keep your title of a decent human being 

An attitude only available because we built a modern world 

Where being a savage in the physical sense lands you in jail 

Being good is now a commercial 

A theory, a handout peddler who doesn't care where the money derives from 

Some can juggle the ACT

Many falter and break, yell, fight, kill, destroy

Never returning to good

It is a wonder to witness millions of people commit to such a lengthy performance

Fake smiles, fake laughter

Looking the other way, forgetting, letting sleeping dogs LIE

All for the sake of a stained self respect

In an age where right and wrong have been discarded 

For an elusive happy medium 

I can honestly say 

That WE should be proud, WE know how to act. 


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

RUTZ Poem: "The Sunset Mirror"

The Sunset Mirror

The Sunset Mirror and it's final glory

Yells of yellow, pink and orange 

Stained forever in memories

It recognizes us in passing

We embrace it in our dreams

It wants our eyes to zoom to the center

When the hope of enlightenment begins to glow

Never an answer, always more questions

What a strange friend

I put my head down for a second 

And it's gone

Sunday, March 24, 2013

RUTZ Song: "We Run"

I have not been this run down as I am today in a very long time. Working like crazy on some very cool projects ranging from the Winter Music Conference to beautiful photo shoots on Star Island in South Beach. Still, nothing beats hearing from you guys on Twitter and Facebook. Keeps me going in the RIGHT direction. Here's a new song "We Run" ....again thank you for all your support guys, love ya'll :)

We Run

We Run by RUTZ
(Hahahaha - Running out of breath) 

Run as fast I can

From the law

Things I planned 

Went Wrong

Now I'm on the track 

Singing the song 

My mind was up to it 

All along

Grabbing my hand

As they take my drink

Sink in the seat

With my arms bitten by

The Metal Teeth 

Waving Good Good Bye

To the Streets

I think about a

Lovely dream

Where I was filthy rich 

And everybody loved me 

Treated like a king 

Everyday living 

No problems I can see

I rode through all the streets 

Nobody could touch me

Watch me through a telescope

I bring hope 

Looks so nice from over there

You wouldn't dare

But I'm over here

Still living in despair 

And We Run

And We Run 


Thursday, February 28, 2013

RUTZ Song: "The Crazy One Now"

"The Crazy One Now"
The Crazy One Now by RUTZ

Verse 1

Grab your hand

And I promise to hold on

That last smile

Is the memory

That stays strong

Stared into your eyes

As much

As I could

Walked by your side


Feel this good


Verse 2 

"There was a time that you felt like this"

Sunday, February 10, 2013

RUTZ Song: "I can make it rain"

The last couple of weeks have been intense. Got swamped with some really cool gigs, a commercial, editing a TV show, and doing a TED convention. Unfortunately, that has not left me a lot of time to do my essay on Steven Soderbergh's "The Limey" but it is still coming. For now please enjoy my song "I can make it rain" .... Thank you to everybody who continues to support my work on Twitter and Facebook, you guys are amazing! More coming soon :)

I can make it rain by RUTZ

I can make it rain


Verse 1

I want 

To see that place 

I don't care

If its far away

Some say  

It's not that great

But I want to 

See that place 

Where the ground

 Is made of GOLD

And you 

Will never get old

And I 

Can fly away 

And I 

Can make it rain

And I 

Can make it rain

 Verse 2

The sky

Even shines at night

And you're never out of time

You can be whatever you like

There's always a way inside

Where the ground is made of GOLD

And you will never grow old

And I 

Can fly away

And I 

Can make it rain 

Verse 3

The City

Floats from the rest

To make it

You have to be the best
You will never 

Ever get sick

You will be able 

To have your pick

Where the ground 

Is made of GOLD

And you 

Will never get old

And I 

Can fly away 

And I 

Can make it rain

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

RUTZ Poem: The Challenge

The Challenge

Pressure induced pleasure

Digging through the core to land on the other side 

The view is astounding 


Take deep breaths before going underwater

Learn to appreciate fresh air

The unforeseen disasters have left a foul stench

Train your vision to see past the smog

Money and the decisions that keep you

From making that a secondary problem


Where is your passion?

Where did your love go?

Forget who did what to your heart

Renewal is the only solution

I will keep looking in the places that will hurt me the most

But affect my life the best

With no easy way out 

I have fallen in love with the challenge 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

RUTZ Song: "Like Before"

I remember I wrote "Like Before" in my first little apartment. Going through love pains, money pains, "Who I'm I?" pains, young and dumb but yearning for true love for some reason beyond me. Now this song is the only thing that remains from that time. It's very interesting to me on how we can get lost because of love and lost in love, almost at the same time. I want thank you for giving my work a chance and a big thank you to the many people who continue to support my work. I can't thank you enough! I hope you enjoy "Like Before"....

Like Before by RUTZ

Like Before 


I can tell by the look on your face

That you don't think things have changed

What would you like?

What would you like....

I'm no longer acting strange

So why won't you come here babe

What would you like?

What would you like....

When I said I'm here to stay

I wasn't playing games

What would you like?

What would you like....

And I know things haven't changed

But I'm through

Giving you pain

I'm not the right one anymore

I want to be the right one

Like before

Like Before..

Like Before...