Saturday, August 31, 2013

RUTZ Poem: "The Act of Being Good"

                       God, Family, Love for one another....Do not forget what's important

The Act of Being Good

Thoughts of kindness that lead us to a desert storm

With the view of a calm ocean in mind

We walk forth to a bottomless pit

In our time the lesson was to turn the other cheek

How do you open your heart and foolishly not expect to be invaded

Sometimes conquered

Where does our good nature go

When we experience betrayal, misfortune

What stops you from the point of no return 

Of an always present alternate reality 

Eyes, Emphathy

The idea that this version of you is the correct one

Limited thoughts in a hurricane of madness and mistrust

Biting your tongue, repressing anger, casually building stress

To keep your title of a decent human being 

An attitude only available because we built a modern world 

Where being a savage in the physical sense lands you in jail 

Being good is now a commercial 

A theory, a handout peddler who doesn't care where the money derives from 

Some can juggle the ACT

Many falter and break, yell, fight, kill, destroy

Never returning to good

It is a wonder to witness millions of people commit to such a lengthy performance

Fake smiles, fake laughter

Looking the other way, forgetting, letting sleeping dogs LIE

All for the sake of a stained self respect

In an age where right and wrong have been discarded 

For an elusive happy medium 

I can honestly say 

That WE should be proud, WE know how to act. 



  1. Great assessment of our world, congratulations ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing this.. I felt very lucky to have read this and the timing was perfect! This was profound, beautiful, and touching. :)

  3. wonderful and delightful prose.Completely relateable and cuts to the core.