Sunday, March 24, 2013

RUTZ Song: "We Run"

I have not been this run down as I am today in a very long time. Working like crazy on some very cool projects ranging from the Winter Music Conference to beautiful photo shoots on Star Island in South Beach. Still, nothing beats hearing from you guys on Twitter and Facebook. Keeps me going in the RIGHT direction. Here's a new song "We Run" ....again thank you for all your support guys, love ya'll :)

We Run

We Run by RUTZ
(Hahahaha - Running out of breath) 

Run as fast I can

From the law

Things I planned 

Went Wrong

Now I'm on the track 

Singing the song 

My mind was up to it 

All along

Grabbing my hand

As they take my drink

Sink in the seat

With my arms bitten by

The Metal Teeth 

Waving Good Good Bye

To the Streets

I think about a

Lovely dream

Where I was filthy rich 

And everybody loved me 

Treated like a king 

Everyday living 

No problems I can see

I rode through all the streets 

Nobody could touch me

Watch me through a telescope

I bring hope 

Looks so nice from over there

You wouldn't dare

But I'm over here

Still living in despair 

And We Run

And We Run 


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