Wednesday, November 7, 2012

RUTZ Poem: "These Tears"

These Tears

Name calling a dead horse 

For laughs that don't last 

Catch a breath

Before it gets worst 

I know we can look the other way

Pretending to be adults

For adults that can barely stand themselves

We wait in the dark

With a candle that only shines when we embrace reality

I was a character actor once 

And the role of a winner was always the hardest to play

Intense, dedicated, confident, ambitious, relentless

It is a hard act to keep up

Acting like a loser was much easier

Lazy, no responsibilities, no drive, comfortable

Easy but dull, uninteresting, and endless

I would scream in a locked bathroom

Glad it wasn't my real life

My drive 

Is in the sweat that separates me from myself 

Dividing my desires, wants, and conveniences

Replacing lost causes with new hope 

Before this understanding 

I use to hate every tear that rolled down my face  

These new tears

Tears of Joy

Can't be faked, can't be forced out

They don't answer to our lies 

They only arrive when we earn it 

When your soul has pleased your body

Then finally as the tears roll down

You can feel your smile 


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