Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RUTZ Song: Walk in the Sunshine

I hope you enjoy this song, made it a while back when I realized some very important things. Big thanks to everybody that continues to support my work, thanks for all the RTs, comments, and for showing love. I will continue working hard, new EP coming, enjoy this song for now.


I can see what I want to change

It would take away the pain

It would take away the stains

Let me live my final days

Tired of working in vain

Sick of the way I complain

Watch me drain the rest of me

Watch me change history!

From the thirst of mystery

I will allow anything

I can do anything

I will not limit the dreams

I want to walk in the sunshine

Verse 2 

Take your head out of the sand

Let go of all your plans

Don't live for their demands

We already know it's all a sham

Time to do something for yourself

Something some won't understand

Cuz they think your the same man


You wait to breathe

You are seeing things beyond belief

Now that your soul has been set free

You wave goodbye to human beings

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