Sunday, August 19, 2012

RUTZ Poem: The Places that seem Forbidden

Dark mountains no one has seen

Dreams that turn to realistic nightmares

The moment your heart stops beating

Tears that have no meaning

Smiles of people you never will know

Yelling at the top of your lungs

Running till you collapse

A fire that can burn you into dust

Trust in your heart

Ocean waves that do not care if you drown

Dogs that bark at what looks like nothing


The day time will not matter

Love for someone you will never understand

Hate for strangers you will never meet

Crimes you said you wouldn’t commit

Vacations you can barely remember 

Images that change your attitude in ways nothing else can

Sounds that mute every thought in your head

Touching the most important person in your life one last time


  1. I think you are very talented mate


  2. Oh wow,in school I Hate reading poems, this is probably the only one I have EVER enjoyed! It's Perfect :)