Monday, April 30, 2012

RUTZ Rant #2

It started a long time ago, their evil plan. Now we are all united in its path of destruction. I still have hope I promise but it diminishes every minute I get older. The world is caught in one big fuss called world order and they will never get it together. The big boys trying to outdo each in the nuclear weapons department and somehow it seems the whole world is broke. Maybe we shouldn’t have spent all that money on guns. But we need guns because we have enemies, lots of them. Well at least America does and that is America’s story, making enemies. From Native Americans to present time, when you think about it like that maybe we are cursed. No, it is worse than that. Its election year and citizens are once again getting excited on how ONE man will solve all our problems. Very similar to the last election four years ago, when we thought ONE man was going to solve all our problems.  The idea itself is beyond silly and the amount of money people put into these campaigns could have fed millions of starving children or fund thousands of non-profit organizations that actually live to make a difference. NOPE, we don’t believe in that. We believe in giving ONE MAN millions of dollars to tour around the country in first class style and make other people believe that he is the answer to all the country’s problems.  Do we really need someone to blame that bad? Did we forget that the people paying for these campaigns have an agenda? Yeah, you donated a thousand bucks but there’s a business man out there who donated millions so guess who’s going to be able to whisper in the president’s ear. Politics is a sick business. You have to be able to put prices on lives, you must pretend you know what you are doing and you have to be extra careful with your favorite hooker. We fell for this. We are still falling for it. Even with all this secret service scandal, somehow those low lives at the White House have the nerve to say “Oh there’s no White House connection” Really?? Did they hire themselves, or is that just classic damage control. The same country that says prostitution is illegal and wrong goes to another county to ravage a squad of hookers. American hypocrisy at its best, selling bad lessons that goes something like “Do what I say, not what I do”. Whole lot of sense that makes, if we had any respect for ourselves we tell our government to go take a hike. Turn our back on them once and for all. Obviously it is not that easy, someone has to run the zoo. I think it should be a group of people in charge not one MAN or WOMAN.  It shouldn’t be based on looks or because you can sing an Al Green song.  Unfortunately, our species is not there yet in the working together department. Yes, we marvel at our technological wonders but I am pretty sure history will look at us as failures. We will be viewed as people who were so happy with their toy phones that we let things slide to the point of no return. I know some people out there are screaming “revolution” but be careful with that word. Revolution is a sharp double edge sword. It has a hefty price tag plus look how Cuba’s revolution ended up. I am not too keen on any idea in which again I have to believe in some “Leader” who is going to save us all. Leaders sounds better, you know where I can find some leaders? Standing outside in the rain holding picket signs is not going to work. It didn’t work in the 60’s and it is not going to work now. People in the 60’s didn’t have half of the distractions we have now.  A plan must be formed; we truly don’t know what those crooked politicians are up to. I’ve heard strange stories involving population control and Wal-Mart. I wouldn’t put anything pass a government that has behaved so fiendish in the last 10 years.  I cannot do this alone. I will repeat the question; do you know where I can find some leaders?

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