Sunday, April 1, 2012

RUTZ Rant #1

Free writing rants by RUTZ

Everything I have in a paper cup. Nobody asks what. Time keeps ticking everything is cliché and redundant. Some have lived the best times. Competition will never stop. I take everything I have to make this strong. You wouldn’t understand. You keep walking in the right direction. The smiles look better each year. Dear what a delight to have you for the holidays screaming let’s get away! Running all the time especially when you speak in that manner. Feed those crooked lowest of low villains to the sharks.  You can never tell. I thought everything was fine. Everybody has a bomb, things got better. Celebrities’ having babies why is that important to my life. I am being selfish, who cares. Time to shrug off everything that used to make sense; I am no longer that person. New ideas make sense now but how long will that last. I do not want to fight the power in my late forties. I have the energy to fight the powers that be right now. What if things go terribly wrong 20 years from now? They’re already creating synthetic meat!! Beef prices will rise to ridicules amounts in order for the elite rich to relish what is left.  I sound crazy now but so does synthetic meat. I do not want to eat fake meat bedazzled with food coloring. Maybe McDonald’s been doing it for years.  Who envisioned this future? Only a madman will commit his species to a path that will devour all natural resources for future generations. Guess they know something we don’t. Nothing like being carefully distracted to make you feel like everything is OK. Hey! Look over there! 


  1. The meat is getting weird this time of year..From Now On, I'll go straight to the butcher shop to purchase fresh meat from there.


  2. The human race is a parasite. Infecting one area, moving to the next, devouring resources until the Earth is dead.