Sunday, September 23, 2012

RUTZ Poem: Mimo


Hometowns remind me of a bird's nest

Changes arrive after each season 

But the overall structure remains the same

Colors either faded or got brighter others completely replaced 

Still I know this space

Every step is filled with trust

These days I can look through dirty windows in familiar plazas

And see the dust of abandoned dreams

The sweltering heat has intensified and

Sometimes it dissolves me back to an array of memories from my childhood

When my energy was abundant 

My thoughts innocent 

And my limbs performed with an ease I shall never enjoy again 

I saw a face that resembled my father's 

I wondered if this resembling face had similar struggles 

Until a transit bus roared past and made me forget what I wanted to think next 

I thought of my mother when I saw a woman walking through the mid-day magic city heat 

Surviving another summer in the winter of her years

I know my mother is proud of who I've become 

But I still feel like I let her down 

I drive away from the settings of my past 

Walk into the hotel and place my body right under one of the central air vents 

Refreshed I start to feel better   


  1. Oh my gosh I love it!

  2. Wonderful...felt as though you had written my very thoughts.