Sunday, June 24, 2012

RUTZ Rant #3

Last time I saw you is where my heart went. The dark places the people that take care of us represent. A world filled with anger for reasons no one wants write to down. I will watch with the rest as everybody seems to enjoy the safari. The things we want so badly. The things people already have. The things that can be taken away from you and the people who are taken away from us. What do we really want? And who the hell is we? Last time I checked it was every man for himself out here. We have plenty of time to figure out new exciting ways to destroy each other. Maybe I will pay attention to politics again. Maybe I can help. I don’t have enough money to pay “them” off so there goes plan A. The only thing this generation understands is CASH. Everything else is a placebo.  Ugly desires in the night that can lead sane people to turn around and shoot you in the face. We Americans act as GODS, boring ourselves to the point that we have to go online and type into the mural of internet Twitter history “I am bored”. People are starving and being bombed in other places, be glad you are bored. I’ll take boredom any day over dodging bullets in my own house. We have a good thing going in this country and some greedy crooked fuckers who want absolute control. They want their families to live longer than yours, so they send your seeds to wars not their own children. We give these powerful people whom we elect an amazing array of comfort which upsets me due to the fact that their job should not be making them feel comfortable. Maybe public office should be a hard job like construction. Let’s put all these pigs in the sun where we can see them and hopefully get an idea what country they will send our seeds to next, to fight a war that will mean EVERYTHING to them and mean nothing to you. 


  1. Power to all EQUALITY!!! @PeaceUFO

    1. And Power For all EQUALITY!!! @PeaceUFO

  2. @Neimad27: TRUTH! If the dollar falls, governments fail and prices skyrocket, the chaos will come home and these people that bicker about being bored will find themselves fighting to survive and begging for food, like so many already face.
    Personally, I can't afford to make a huge difference in the world but I always donate to various charities and I know that if I were to inherit a lot of money I would do as much as I could to save these kids from poverty and war.