Sunday, May 27, 2012

RUTZ Song: "Didn't mean a thing"

Thanks to everyone who continues to support my work. Enjoy this new song!

 " I was trying to be....just wanted me to bad it....didn't mean a thing "

Verse 1                                   Verse 2                           Verse 3            
Now that                                 Things Lost                     Alone             
I'm Back                                  A Cost                            Ain't Bad
Free after                                 Too High                        Finding
A Brat                                      Too Blind                       Learning
The Lights                               The Fucks                      Calm
The Cars                                  The Fucks                      Peace
The Bars                                  The Fucks                      Me
No Time                                  Not much                       Much Done
Like                                         Nothing done                 With No One
Me Time                                  I'm trying                       I'm trying
I'm trying                                 To Find                          To Find
To Find                                    Good Times                   Good Times
Good Times                             It's not                            It's not
It's not                                      In Slut                            In Slut
In Slut                                      It might                          It might
It might                                    Be                                  Be
Be                                            In my guts                      In my guts
In my guts                               It's just a hunch              It's just a hunch
It's just a hunch                 

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